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The Truth Behind The $99 Mainline Clean-Out Special


The Biggest
Plumbing Scam
In Your Metro

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We're a mix of master plumbers, operational experts, and former in-house marketers.


After spending years in the industry, we could no longer stand by and watch consumers pay exorbitant amounts of money for unnecessary plumbing repairs. It's time for consumers to know the truth behind plumbing contractors' bait and switch marketing tactics that can happen when you call to have a drain cleaning company remove the clog in your main sewer line. 

The Glory Days Are Over In The Plumbing World

Non-Experienced Plumbers 

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Zero Integrity 

Quantity Over Quality

First time homeownership is on the rise, and many people are needing plumbing services, air conditioning services, water heater services, and are learning about the horrors of tree roots and hydro jetting for the first time in their lives.


When their HVAC system’s drain is clogged or that kitchen sink is backed up, or their main sewer line is clogged and they hear the phrase “accessible cleanout” for the first time in their lives - shady plumbing companies look to prey on homeowners who do not have the experience to understand what they need.

Why Would Plumbing Experts Reveal Their Darkest Secrets?

The plumbing industry has drastically changed over the years. Today, many plumbing companies spend millions of dollars on bait and switch advertisements for and hire plumbers and drain technicians with little to no experience. One of these bait and switch advertisements offer a $99 mainline or drain clearing special. While this $99 main line clean-out special may seem like the cheapest and most efficient way to clean your sewer line, we want consumers to understand what the special really is, and what it really does for homeowners.​

The $99 mainline special is not designed to clean your main sewer line. This special uses a 1 3/4" blade in your 4" pipe. Your drain line will have 4” worth of blockage, and when the drain technician shows up to fix your clogged sewer line they take that sub-2” blade and quite literally poke a hole through the blockage, causing it to temporarily restore flow.

This has done nothing for the actual problem, the clog itself, the real blockage, is still there and the buildup will become too much for the drain line and will become clogged again, and again, and again - all while the shady plumbing company could be telling you that you have much bigger problems that need to be addresses now or you may suffer even worse damages soon!



Using the Wrong Tool for the Job

Typically, these $99 main line clean-out specials are simply a way to lure customers who have a clog that could be easily cleared with a professional drain cleaning service, into spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs. ​When a homeowner sees a drain technician augur, or rooter, out a main sewer line, all they see is a large coil of wire that the plumbing service brought out of their truck, and they are then shown with a camera inspection that they were able to unclog the line, and they hope this snaking was enough to clear any stoppage - all the while knowing that simply snaking the drain line with this small of an augur does nothing for the sewer drain long-term, and that buildup will turn back into a blockage soon enough. 

The underhanded plumbing companies out there practically rely on this to happen, to then come in to “save the day” with sewer line repairs, pricing those fixes astronomically, to try and turn a clogged drain into either a sewer line repair or even a completely new plumbing system - when all you really needed were drain cleaners who were honest and used the proper sized blade!



Quality Work for Fair Prices

It's unfortunate that sewer and drain clearing companies value profit over quality, but we want consumers to understand that not all plumbing companies operate that way. On average, trustworthy companies may charge more for sewer line cleaning services but use a 3 1/2" blade that will actually clean your 4" pipe.  However, it's important to know that the extra charge and investment in a quality, honest company also comes with a clean sewer line. 


Before consumers pay thousands of dollars on a sewer repair or replacement, check the background, research the plumbing company, and ask what the warranty entails before hiring. If a technician pushes high-pressure sales techniques, take a step back, and get a second opinion from another company. Remember, you as the consumer is in control of this. It's not necessary to pay for expensive repairs immediately. Trust your gut and gather more information before hiring!


​If you feel you have been scammed by a sewer and drain cleaning company, let us know so we can take a look and provide other recommendations or schedule an appointment. Remember, you have time!

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