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Here is our list of current Sewer Mainline Partners.

It will continue to expand as we find other sewer mainline cleaning companies that adhere to the principals we have developed.

Sewer Mainline Special Partners

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A-1 Sewer & Septic Service

(816) 407-8988

1891 Merriam Lane

Kansas City, KS 66106


Kansas City Metro

At  A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc., we have a reputation for prompt, professional, and efficient plumbing services at a reasonable cost. We are ready to help solve your problem before more damage is done. 

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"Our motto is to provide high quality service at a reasonable and up-front price."

Mills Plumbing & Contracting

(816) 258-1361

Harrisonville, MO 64701

Greater Harrisonville MO Area

Mills Plumbing and Contracting LLC has been a family owned and operated Business since 1985...We guarantee our services and take pride in our satisfaction of our new and old customers. 

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"We will always do what is right by our customers because we believe good honest work is how we have grown to where we are today!"

More Trusted Partners to come

About Us

We're a mix of master plumbers, operational experts, and former in-house marketers.


After spending years in the industry, we could no longer stand by and watch consumers pay exorbitant amounts of money for unnecessary plumbing repairs. It's time for consumers to know the truth behind plumbing contractors' bait and switch marketing tactics that can happen when you call to have a drain cleaning company remove the clog in your main sewer line. 

The Glory Days Are Over In The Plumbing World

Non-Experienced Plumbers 

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Zero Integrity 

Quantity Over Quality

First time homeownership is on the rise, and many people are needing plumbing services, air conditioning services, water heater services, and are learning about the horrors of tree roots and hydro jetting for the first time in their lives.


When their HVAC system’s drain is clogged or that kitchen sink is backed up, or their main sewer line is clogged and they hear the phrase “accessible cleanout” for the first time in their lives - shady plumbing companies look to prey on homeowners who do not have the experience to understand what they need.

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